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Vintage Beaded Sweaters!

Beaded sweaters are such an easy way to get an instant vintage touch! They look great with absolutely ANYTHING you wear, from simple slacks or skirt to jeans. Note: Black sweaters are shown lighter to show detail but are a true black.

Care tips: These sweaters can be gently hand-washed, no need to dry clean. After wearing, always check over your sweater carefully for pilling or loose beading. Remove pills by simply pulling off gently. Loose beading can be tightened by reaching inside the lining and pulling the loose thread back inside. Take care of any problem right away and your sweater will remain a treasure in pristine condition for many more years.

Questions? Ask me!

#558 - Red Beaded Cardigan - Size S/M - $120.00

Red beaded sweater white beads

Red Beaded Cardigan Back View

#477 - Black Sequined Cardigan - Size S/M - $120.00

Black Sequined Cardigan

Black Sequined Cardigan Back View

#463 - Ivory Sequin Back-Zip Cropped Sweater - Size M - $120.00

#323 Fluffy Beaded Sequined Sweater - Size S - $110.00 SOLD!

Beaded Angora Sweater

#191 Macy's Sequined Cardigan - size M - $120.00 SOLD!

macy's sequined sweater

Macy's sequined sweater back

macy's sequined sweater closeup

Black Cropped Beaded Sweater - size small (same beading front & back) - Mint Condition! SOLD!


Black cropped beaded sweater

#77 Black Sleeveless Clover Beaded Sweater - size small - $68.00

Black clover beaded sweater

#15 Black Sweater with Gold Sequins - Back Zip - size S/M - $85.00 NEVER WORN!

Black zip sweater gold sequins

#125 Fringed Beaded Cardigan - size M - $150.00SOLD

Ivory fringed beaded cardigan

Soft Pink Beaded Cardigan - size S/M - $75.00 SOLD!

Soft pink beaded cardigan

#152 Bernard Altman Cashmere Cardigan w/Appliques - size M/L - $150.00 SOLD

Cashmere cardigan with appliques

Cashmere appliques back view

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