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DivaSharon's Philosophy on Vintage Clothing!
My ideas on why and how to wear vintage clothing.
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DivaSharon's Philosophy on Vintage Clothing!

Many people are afraid of vintage clothing! They think it's all just tiny, old clothes that nobody can fit into and nobody wants to wear! My goal is to dispel that myth!

My idea of vintage clothing developed because, generally speaking, I don't like modern clothing. There is nothing very special about most "off the rack" stuff, unless you buy couture and pay a fortune! And I must admit that, the older I get, the more I like things that pre-date 1962! LOL

My vision of the perfect "vintage" outfit is to start with a simple skirt or pants and top. This is the blank canvas for so many fabulous vintage looks! My favorite is to wear a black turtleneck or scoop-neck top with a black skirt or slacks that make me feel slim...then I slip on a stunning Opera swing coat (a la "Lucy"), OR an adorable wool boucle' bolero jacket, toss a gorgeous fur boa around my neck (maybe with heads, maybe not!), don a precious little clip hat, grab a GORGEOUS needlepoint or beaded purse...not forgetting my fabu catseye glasses or lorgnette....and VOILA! Instant Vintage Chic! And I never forget to carry a pretty loose-powder compact in my purse for nose-powdering!

I love what I call "wearable" vintage clothing...which usually means outerwear, such as stunning beaded cardigans, opera coats, fur boleros, stoles, shrugs, collars and boas, wool coats and jackets with pretty fur trim, ribbon jackets with mink collars and some one-of-a-kind silk coats that almost defy description! Accessories include purses, compacts, catseye sunglasses, lorgnettes (eyeglasses on a can put your own prescription in them!) and hats, usually small ones that aren't too "hatty", if you know what I mean! An occasional small piece of vintage luggage rounds out the collection.

I hope that more and more women will see that wearing vintage is easy and FUN! Even one vintage touch can make an ordinary outfit head-turning!

Please take a look through my shop and see for yourself....merchandise is always changing and I'll try to keep the pictures updated.

If anything catches your eye, please email me to inquire about availability and pricing. I would also be happy to search for something special just for you! Don't hesitate to ask - I just might have that treasure you're looking for!

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